Suggestions 101: Looking for Something to Read?

Are you new to Christian fiction?  Or just looking for something new inside the genre? There are a huge number of authors and book selections that could offer a starting point. But here are 5 diverse suggestions that might get you going:

cutslikeaknifeM.K. Gilroy:

A male author writing a female protagonist, Gilroy’s Kristen Conner series was a delightful surprise when I first picked it up.  It’s been described as “an intense, eerie, funny and suspenseful thriller with a very subtle faith thread that enriches rather than suffocates the story” by USA Today reviewer Serena Chase.  This series is a refreshing take on Christian fiction suspense – and adds just a touch of romance without distracting from the plot.

indelibleKristen Heitzmann:

I can’t remember which book was my initial introduction into her work, but I’ve enjoyed quite a few of them.  She doesn’t shy away from considering interesting psychological issues (try Indelible), or miracles (Michelli Family series), or diving into historical fiction (Diamond of the Rockies series).  Her recent foray into the indie market was an entertaining read dealing with integrity, reputation, and what happens when they fail.

priestsgraveyardTed Dekker:

I haven’t read anyone edgier in Christian fiction than Ted Dekker.  Some of his stuff is weird.  Way weird.  He oscillates between fantasy, supernaturalism, thrills, suspense, and strangely enough, romance. Best known for his Circle series, Black, Red, White, & Green are phenomenal examples of speculative fiction.  For high suspense, try some of his thrillers as well.

thereyoullfindmeJenny B. Jones:

I like romance with sass.  So I like Jenny B. Jones.  Her offerings come mostly in the way of young adult fiction, though not exclusively.  While she may not offer the most realistic plots, that’s not a drawback for me.  I usually find her themes impressive, and they combine well with her natural wit.  If you like humorous escapism with a dose of real-life lessons, she’s for you.  YA offerings: try her Charmed Life trilogy, In Between, or There You’ll Find Me.  For adult fiction: look for Just Between You and Me, or Save the Date.

zoraandnickyClaudia Mair Burney:

Burney is the anomaly here as I’ve only read one of her books, but:  I highly recommend Zora and Nicky.  It’s a novel that swept me away with its raw and authentic look at attraction, passion, and the struggle for redemption.  Dealing head on with issues of race and prejudice, the book is a stirring consideration of what it means to love and care for others.  Next up for me?  One of her other novels.




One thought on “Suggestions 101: Looking for Something to Read?

  1. JP Robinson says:

    I just wrote my first Christian Fiction novel, Twiceborn, that is set in the 16th century of France specifically located at the beautiful Palace of Versailles.
    I have a chapter available on my website. Would you be able to read it and email me with any feedback/comments?


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