A lot a bit of moving – a little bit of reading


It’s been weeks since I’ve done anything here on the site – which has been both distressing and exhilarating.  A few weeks ago we completed the move we’d been anticipating since early this year.  I feel like life has been a whirlwind – but I’m so glad to be more settled.

And the kids are glad their toys are finally unpacked…

So lately I’ve been up to my neck in unpacking, restocking our pantry, reacquainting myself with all my kitchen tools, and doing slight updates on the new house.  It’s beautiful – but with any new (used) home, there are always a few must-do’s.

Like that corroded kitchen faucet.

Like the dining room chandelier that now hung far too low in what we converted to a living area.

Like the laundry room light that is temperamental (still working on this one…)

Like the smell of cat that lingers in the laundry room (still working on this one, too…)

The house could also use some new paint in a few rooms.  The colors are lovely, but the walls are a bit of a mess in certain areas.  But this, too, can wait.

Because it’s time to slow.  It’s a good day for it.  I’m sitting on our new back deck/patio (which is gorgeous, by the way!) and enjoying a wonderfully refreshing 70° morning – after a week-long bout of above 100° heat indexes.  Delightful.

So without further ado:

A Name Unknown – Roseanna M. White

I traveled to our WONDERFUL new public library where I found this on the new books shelves.  Score!  So, so far, it’s been the only book I’ve managed to squeeze in time to read.

I’m a fan of Roseanna M. White’s novels.  Some I like better than others, but they always end up worthwhile.  My favorites include her first Culper Ring installment and A Soft Breath of Wind.  The first is wonderfully witty and historical.  The latter resounds with the power of faith and the victory of Jesus Christ.

ring of secrets   soft breath of wind

A Name Unknown begins a new series for White.  I was a bit hesitant about it – only because of my own strange mind games.  The series was pitched as tales from a pseudo-family of pickpockets.  Children who grew up with no one but each other, formed a family, and supplied for their needs by picking pockets in London.

And all I could picture in my brain was The Artful Dodger from Oliver! and the tune from “Consider Yourself” playing.


I’m not joking.  It was a hang up for me.

But I’m proud to announce that upon reading the novel, the Oliver! references faded from view.

A Name Unknown actually offers only the smallest amount of family interaction between NameUnknown_mck.inddthe orphan family.  Instead, it focuses on the life of Rosemary Gresham as she embarks on the biggest con of her career.  She is sought out to clandestinely discover if a friend of the king is loyal to England or Germany as WWI looms.

The story offers some wonderfully interesting historical nuggets.  It’s also refreshingly set in the pre-WWI time period (instead of the often chosen WWII period).

I found the plot to be filled with believable characters that have both strengths and weaknesses.  I was also intrigued by the brief appearances of a couple “brothers and sisters” that seem to indicate interesting forthcoming novels.

All in all, if you enjoy historical fiction, A Name Unknown is a worthwhile read.  My feelings on Roseanna M. White remain unchanged:  If she publishes a book, it’s worth my time to read it.  🙂


5 thoughts on “A lot a bit of moving – a little bit of reading

    • Kate says:

      Well, lucky you! I am NOT exaggerating when I say I could not stop thinking of Oliver…until a bit into the book. 🙂
      I thought the characters here were written well. Again, I was skeptical at the beginning (despite usually enjoying the author’s stuff) but it worked and I really enjoyed the story and the character transformation.

      Liked by 1 person

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