Heidi Chiavaroli: The Hidden Side

Chiavaroli is a pretty new author, and particularly new to me.  Ever since I read the synopsis for her debut novel, Freedom's Ring, I was intrigued.  I love historical fiction that takes place during the American Revolution (such is Freedom's Ring) but I'm also hesitant to pick up books that have multiple timelines.  Mostly I … Continue reading Heidi Chiavaroli: The Hidden Side


Sibella Giorello: Stone and Sunset

I've talked about her before...but seriously:  Have you read Sibella Giorello? If you're at all interested in mystery, she should be your next read. Her Raleigh Harmon series offers one character in two different veins:  one is the adult Raleigh, which has us meet this geological specialist after the unsolved murder of her father, and … Continue reading Sibella Giorello: Stone and Sunset